Valentine’s Day Tips For Guys: Hygiene Is A Girls Best Friend [Infographic]

Valentine's Day infographic

Slow down, men! Before you head out the door to engage in Valentine’s Day festivities, observe some proper preparation tips designed to help the guys weather 2013’s most romantic of holidays.

The Dollar Shave Club conducted its first ever survey to help men get through Valentine’s Day with the most possible success. The results were pretty surprising, and are all broken down in the infographic below. Before you get there, allow me to share what seemed to be at the top of most women’s lists this year: Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene!

Dollar Shave Club’s founder, Michael Dubin, puts it best: “Doing the survey reflects our commitment to a deeper understanding of all that is man.”

The survey included 500 men and women, and the research gleaned from their responses is meant to better equip men to navigate the murky waters of dating, sex, and grooming.

Here are a couple of highlights:

  • 54 percent of all women prefer men to “manscape” (we’re all adults here, you know exactly what that means) but only 45 percent of men observe “lower grooming.”
  • Your big date might turn into a long night, so is it okay to go to the bathroom in your lady’s presence? A surprising 38 percent of men admitted that they hold it, but 73 percent of women said that they’d still sleep with a man who chooses to “let it fly.”
  • Again with the private parts – 34 percent of women admitted that they’ve hooked up with men who need to keep things cleaner “down there.” About 13 percent of men say that they could do a better job cleaning up below.

You’ve still got a few days to sort this stuff out before Valentine’s Day hits, men. You could jog on over to Dollar Shave Club’s website to check out some very manly grooming products. Or, if you think you can handle it, check out the infographic below: