‘Love Actually’ Is Scheduled To Leave Netflix Next Month


It’s now halfway through the month of December and Netflix subscribers everywhere know what that means: a whole cluster of movies and TV series will be coming and going from the Netflix library soon.

Being the end of the year, the amount of titles leaving the streaming library is a little larger than normal as a lot of yearly contracts are coming to an end.

According to What’s On Netflix, the exceptionally popular British romantic comedy, Love Actually, has made the hit list of movie titles being removed on January 1.

What is the Movie About?

Despite being released 15 years ago, Love Actually remained a movie staple in the Netflix library. So, lots of Netflix subscribers are pretty sad to see the movie go.

What’s On Netflix, expects a huge influx of subscribers to tune in to watch the movie at least one more time during the Christmas holiday before it leaves the library.

Love Actually is a Christmas-themed romantic comedy with a star-studded cast including Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Kiera Knightly, Rowan Atkinson, and Emma Thompson. The film grossed just shy of $250 million at box office back in 2003 when it was originally released. It is currently coined as a Christmas classic and is a frequent go-to during the holiday season.

The series tells nine different stories revolving around love, betrayal, heartbreak, and loyalty. As the name of the movie suggestions, it is a story of what love is actually about.

Why is the Movie Being Removed?

When the streaming giant picks up a new movie, it signs a licensing contract with rights to stream the movie for either one year or three years. This is with the exception of big budget movies that cost a hefty price tag to stream even for just a few months, such as films from the Lord of the Rings or Twilight franchises.

Love Actually first hit the Netflix streaming library in January of this year. So, January of next year is the one-year mark. Unless Netflix is currently working on a deal to renew the contract – which is possible – the movie will be removed from the library in a few weeks.

If you haven’t watched Love Actually as of yet, or it is currently collecting dust on your watch list with plans to re-watch it, you are going to want to find time to do so in the next couple of weeks.

Despite being an older movie, this romantic comedy is so popular it is expected to get picked up by another streaming service if Netflix does not renew their contract.