‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Charlotte’s School Shenanigans Brings Valentin And Nina Together

Todd WawrychukABC Press

Friday’s General Hospital had Nina making a decision regarding Valentin. There is no doubt that this estranged couple are still madly in love with each other, but Valentin’s past misdeeds was the undoing between them. Nina has had enough, that is until now. After weeks of trying to woo his wife back into his arms, it appears that this time she has finally caved.

It looked like Nina was about to leave Wyndemere after staying there for a night, but something stopped her. She then announced that she changed her mind. She was not leaving after all. Valentin looked a little shocked but pleased. General Hospital spoilers coming from Soap Central indicated that he will be happy with the direction of things. It didn’t say exactly what he was satisfied with, but it could very well be that he believes he has Nina back for good.

However, her reason for staying with Valentin wasn’t because of his pleading, at least that’s what she told him. She stated that she was concerned for Charlotte, so she was staying longer to make sure she is okay after Lulu grilled her about Aiden. Obviously Nina has a major problem with how Lulu handled the whole sit down with Charlotte. She thought she should have been more gentle with their daughter.

Now Nina is on the warpath, but that seems to be a good thing for Valentin. He has Nina back in his house and maybe eventually back in his arms. That may backfire soon, though, if his deal with Liesl Obrecht goes haywire. She holds the cards right now when it comes to his relationship with Nina.

She knows all about the lie that Sasha is a fake. If Nina finds out that Valentin brought Sasha into her life pretending to be her daughter, she will never forgive him for that. Sasha has left town, and Valentin breathed a sigh of relief. Now he has to deal with Obrecht blackmailing him. He has definitely entangled himself in yet another web of lies.

For now, Valentin has high hopes that Nina is back home to stay. He will continue with his lies, but you know that somehow Nina will find out what he did. How will she ever forgive him for deceiving her with the one thing that she desired the most?

More General Hospital spoilers tease that something will shock Nina sometime this week. She may just see Charlotte’s bullying side come out for herself. Or maybe it’s something that Valentin does that shocks her.

Stay tuned to General Hospital this coming week to see how long Nina decides to stick it out with Valentin.