Stephen Miller’s Hair On ‘Face The Nation’ Sparks Viral Response, Senior Advisor’s ‘Updated’ Look Not A Hit

Alex WongGetty Images

White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller appeared on television on Sunday to talk about President Trump’s agenda regarding immigration and he had a lot to say. However, it was a change in his look that ultimately had a lot of people buzzing across social media.

As the Inquisitr detailed, Stephen Miller appeared on Sunday’s Face the Nation to reiterate that President Trump is “absolutely” willing to shut down the government if he doesn’t get his way on his border wall funding. This position is generating plenty of buzz among those following the immigration debate. However, it looks as if Miller’s hair is garnering more attention Sunday afternoon.

It did not take long for viewers of Face the Nation to notice that Miller’s hair looked different. Many people across Twitter noted that it would appear that the White House advisor attempted to use a spray-on style of “hair” to fill in his hairline a bit. Unfortunately, it was quite noticeable in part because the colors didn’t blend terribly well.

As writer, director, and comedian Zack Bornstein noted on Twitter, those on the Left were in a tough position with this situation. Many people are intensely critical of Stephen’s positions on topics like immigration, but it was nearly impossible to ignore the hair situation once it was noticed.

Numerous tweets noted that in this day of HD television, it was hard to miss the new look with Miller’s hair when the camera zoomed in on him at various points of his appearance. At least one individual on Twitter noticed that the White House staffer’s updated look somewhat resembled the “Wooly Willy” magnetic filing toys that used to be popular.

As much as some felt that focusing on Miller’s hair was a misuse of energy and passion, others thought that the situation called for some dedicated multitasking. It was also noted that Stephen added more “hair” to the front, but left the back as is, which was quite noticeable in several shots during his Face the Nation appearance.

The senior advisor hasn’t been appearing on-camera for the Trump administration lately. As his interview aired on Sunday, some noted that this immigration and border wall battle is getting pretty intense if the White House felt it was time to have Miller do the rounds again.

It seems likely that the senior advisor for the Trump administration thought that this new look would be subtle enough to not be terribly noticeable. However, there was no getting around the buzz across Twitter about Stephen Miller’s hair as the day played out and it looks like this new look was a major swing and miss.