Driver Crashes U-Haul Truck Into An Apple Store During Burglary


Berkeley, California police department spokesperson, Officer Byron, has given a statement to reporters at SF Gate regarding an attempted burglary that took place at 1823 Fourth St. around 3:20 a.m Thursday morning. The stated location is in fact an Apple store. Alarms at the establishment were tripped, and officers arrived on the scene in only a short period of time.

The person responsible for the attempted burglary moved to do so by ramming a stolen U-Haul into the glass windows of the storefront. Glass was shattered into the building, spilling over into the sidewalk, as can be seen in the photographs that police took on scene. The driver did in fact fail to enter into the building, and had abandoned the U-Haul truck with the engine still running.

All questions have been referred to the local law enforcement that initially investigated the scene, and workers of the establishment would only remark to reporters that an “incident” had in fact occurred. Thanks to a heavy interior metal security gate, the suspect or suspects were unable to actually enter the store location.

Customers also remarked to reporters that they have been unable to pick up their orders because of the attempted robbery. One customer, Russ Mitchell, stated that he had visited the store later Thursday morning, around 10 a.m., but was told he could not pick up his order as the Apple store window was being replaced during that time, and the employees of that Apple store were trying to clean up the mess inside.

Apparently this particular Apple store is frequently targeted, reports state. Thieves and burglars have repeatedly attempted to invade the store in the past, with one successful burglary that took place in the early morning hours before the store opened. During that burglary, Berkeleyside notes that several of the Apple products were stolen.

As for this current incident, the police radio traffic report states that two individuals were seen running away from the stolen U-Haul truck after the crash. The two individuals have yet to be identified.

Ryan Caruth, the manager of the Apple store in Berkeley, told authorities that the shop’s point of sale system was completely down, thereby preventing the store from doing any business. The store also has an automated message greeting any callers to that shop, making them aware of the circumstances.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, the Apple store is currently closed. We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to reopening soon.”