December 16, 2018
Florida Lawyer Says He Uncovered Hugh Hefner's Trove Of Celebrity Sex Tapes, Will Be Seen At Bill Cosby Trial

A Florida lawyer claims he has uncovered Hugh Hefner's trove of A-list sex tapes and will be showing them at a civil trial against Bill Cosby.

Attorney Spencer Kuvin claimed that he has been able to obtain a series of recordings showing "dozens" of high-profile celebrities at sordid parties, the Daily Mail reported. The tapes were reportedly handed over by Playboy Enterprises, and Kuvin claims that they were of a much higher quality than amateur recordings, saying they appear to have been professionally edited and produced.

As the report noted, Kuvin represents Chloe Goins, a woman who claimed that Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her at the Playboy mansion when she was 18 years old. As the New York Daily News reported, a California judge ruled in October that the lawsuit from Goins could move forward after being frozen during Cosby's criminal trial.

Kuvin said they were planning to depose Bill Cosby. "We've already requested they provide us with convenient dates to take his deposition by the end of the year," Kuvin said, referring to Cosby's camp. "I'll take it by video in jail."

There was some doubt over whether Kuvin had actually seen the alleged sex tapes. A previous report from reported claimed that Hugh Hefner had collected all of the sensitive tapes and banded them together in a specially made casket lined with concrete and had them dumped into the ocean. The report noted that Hefner was fearful that they could fall into the wrong hands after his death and was determined to protect the secrets of Hollywood's elite.

"Hugh was terrified of the world finding out everything about his past," a source revealed. "He had kept a treasure chest of memories of his life with all these beautiful women dating back from the 1950s to the mid 1990s."

The source added that the tapes stretched back decades, with some 8mm films showing Marilyn Monroe. Hefner's death at the age of 91 had brought to light a number of stories about sordid parties at the Playboy Mansion, including sex parties that included plenty of A-list celebrities.

Carla Howe, a former Playboy bunny, spoke out for an ITV documentary that looked at what happened inside the Playboy mansion.

"I've heard bad stories," Howe said. "I've heard they had to take it in turns with him. They'd all be in a little room together. It would be eight at a time. A lot went on."

Despite the differing accounts, Spencer Kuvin claimed that he and his team of lawyers spent "hours" watching Hugh Hefner's celebrity sex tapes, and are ready to use them for evidence at Bill Cosby's civil trial.