Manhunt Ongoing For Florida Inmate Who Stabbed Police Officer During Escape

A manhunt is ongoing for a Florida inmate who stabbed a police escort before escaping. Alberto Morales was being transferred from the Sunshine State to Nevada and went on the run somewhere near Dallas.

Alberto Morales, 42, was able to obtain some type of object sharp enough to stab one of the police officer escorts. The officer was stabbed three times in the back and neck, Fox News reports. Miami-Dade Police Detective Jaime Pardinas, 54, is in serious yet stable condition. He has been on the Florida police force for 28 years.

The incident happened on Monday evening outside of a Walmart in Grapevine. Detective Pardinas and Detective Dav id Carrero were supposed to fly Alberto Morales to Nevada to begin serving two life sentences. The escaped convict was convicted of aggravated sexual assault.

Due to Morales’ “erratic” behavior, the trio were not allowed back on the plane after a Texas layover, the Dallas Morning News reports. During the first half of the flight, the convict reportedly bumped his head on the seat in front of him and disrupted the flight by doing a series of “crazy, unusual things.”

The Miami police detectives rented a car after leaving the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. The officers began driving the 1,200 miles to reach their destination. The officers and Alberto Morales stopped at the Texas Walmart for a restroom break and to wait for a third officer to arrive to assist them on the trip.

While Detective Carrero was inside the store, Albert Morales reportedly stabbed Pardinas and then ran away from the scene. The convict was handcuffed and authorities do not yet know how he freed himself from the restraints.

[Image Via: Texas Department of Public Safety]