Buxom Plus-Size Model Ashley Graham Gets Naked For Sexy Sauna Snapshot

Astrid StawiarzGetty Images

American model Ashley Graham is no stranger to commanding attention for her good looks and voluptuous figure, having attracted nearly 8 million fans and followers on Instagram in addition to her international modeling duties. Her latest Instagram Story tells a somewhat steamy, sensual tale — one that was certainly appreciated by her many admirers.

In this particular Instagram Story, Ashley can be seen standing up in a luxurious looking sauna, sans clothing. Holding up her yellow phone case to take a selfie, she also folds her arms, using her limbs to partially obscure her most intimate anatomy. Not doing an altogether perfect job of doing so, her significant assets are largely on display, barely contained by the model’s forearm. Her signature chestnut tresses are wet from the shower, and hang loosely down about her neck and shoulders.

Sporting very little makeup but a nude lip, Ashley looks stunning in her natural element. Perfectly sculpted eyebrows frame her iconic dark eyes, which are locked on the screen of the phone as she prepares to take a photo. The hint of her hip tattoo can be seen poking up from above the counter, and according to PopCulture, the image in question is of her astrological sign, Scorpio.

The steamy snapshot joins a litany of other provocative photos and videos that the busty American has deigned to share to her social media profile. And while it’s well-established that Ashley Graham is one of the most beautiful women in the industry today, she’s more than just a pretty face.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter recently for a candid interview spanning the subjects of television, modeling, and the #MeToo movement, Graham made it known that she has strong opinions on each subject. Mentioning that her recent hosting duties on the second season of American Beauty Star were more difficult than expected — “It’s a lot of back-end work that I didn’t really realize. There was pressure,” according to the raven-haired model — Graham would elaborate on a number of topics related to the fashion business, and the culture which surrounds it.

Discussing her views that there should be more women of color represented in the plus-sized fashion industry, and that she hopes that there is an additional push ahead to make the modeling industry “more inclusive,” Graham also spoke to the power of the #MeToo movement — and why it matters.

“I’ve seen a huge change on set. People are actually thinking about their actions and thinking about their words … If this #MeToo movement had not happened, who’s to say what would happen to the next generation of girls? I really hope that it protects the next generation of young models. It has given such an incredible voice to women who have felt voiceless, especially as models, because we are the ones who immediately will not get booked for a job. Models are the ones whose careers can die immediately if you speak up about this kind of stuff. So now your career doesn’t die, you have a voice and you can use it. And I hope more girls feel empowered by it.”