Voters Believe Trump Isn’t Being Honest About The Russia Investigation According To New Poll

Isaac BrekkenGetty Images

According to a new Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll, nearly two-thirds of American voters believe that President Trump isn’t being honest about the investigation into collusion between his campaign and Russian officials.

President Trump has strong support among Republicans, but overall Americans are showing growing uncertainty about President Trump’s criminal liability in the collusion case. This month’s poll showed a six percent increase in respondents who don’t believe the president has been honest about his involvement over last August’s poll.

The answers were heavily split among partisan lines, with 94 percent of Democratic saying they disagree that President Trump has been honest about his activities, while only 24 percent of Republicans believe the President has been untruthful. Independent voters were within two percentage points of the overall results, as nearly two-thirds believe the President has been dishonest about his involvement, according to the Hill.

On the flip side, about one-third of overall respondents believe that the President has been truthful, including more than two-thirds of Republicans. Only five percent of Democrats believe President Trump has been honest, while 29 percent of independent voters think he has been honest.

Nearly half of those polled answered that guilty pleas by Trump associates have suggested wrongdoing by the president as well, an increase of six percent over the August poll and over ten percent since last year’s poll, according to NBC News.

Half of those polled answered that the Russia investigation has created at least some doubt about the Trump presidency, while 44 percent remain unaffected by the findings. Conducted less than a month prior to a Democratic majority taking over the House of Representatives and the specter of Congressional scrutiny into the President’s activities, the poll shows that 55 percent of respondents support potential House investigations of President Trump, compared to 43 percent who do not.

Among those polled, 52 percent said they would probably or definitely vote for the Democratic candidate in 2020, while only 38 percent said they would vote for President Trump should he seek a second term of office.

“The dam has not burst on Donald Trump,” says Peter Hart, the Democratic pollster who conducted the survey along with Republican counterpart Bill McInturff. “But this survey underscores all the structural cracks in the dam.”

“This is not a vote of no confidence,” Hart said. “it’s worse – a vote of no trust.”

The survey also suggests growing discontent with major American political parties, with the Democratic Party barely being supported by the public, with 39 percent with favorable views and 37 percent with unfavorable views. The Republican Party has fared worse, with 32 percent expressing favorable views while 42 percent have unfavorable views toward the GOP, according to CNBC.

The respondents included 900 adults. The poll was conducted December 9-12 and has a margin of error of 3.3 percent.