A Carnival Cruise Passenger Has Been Reported Missing

Alisha McKinney

Fox News has reported that the U.S. Coast Guard is currently searching for a missing passenger who reportedly went overboard on a Carnival Cruise Ship, Victory, just 35 miles south of Islamorada, Florida earlier this week.

The missing person is a 26-year-old male. Currently, an alleged photo of the missing gentleman is being shared on social media, having originally been posted by another passenger on board the cruise ship, Kimberly Wyatt. Wyatt has been posting updates throughout the week as the intense search for the missing passenger continues. The searching has continued into the night.

"Cameras confirm the passenger went overboard. It's unknown if he jumped or fell."
"His photo is being displayed on the television on the cruise ship. Security also conducted a room by room, floor by floor search."
"Carnival Victory arrived at PortMiami at approximately 3:00 pm on December 14, 2018, after the U.S. Coast Guard released the ship from the search and rescue efforts to locate a 26-year-old male guest who went overboard from the ship early that morning. Our CareTeam is providing support to the guest's family. Sadly, all the facts surrounding this unfortunate incident indicate it was an intentional act. Carnival Victory departed PortMiami [Friday night] on its next cruise as scheduled, albeit with a late departure."

According to National Geographic, since the year 2000, it has been reported that roughly 300 people have fallen overboard on cruise ships. Considering the large number of people who attend cruises each year, that figure is low.