Was ‘Survivor’ Castaway Christian Hubicki Mad That Gabby Pascuzzi Turned On Him?

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Last week’s episode of Survivor sent fans down a roller coaster of emotions as they experienced frustration after Gabby Pascuzzi made the decision to turn on Christian Hubicki followed by satisfaction when her plans backfired and she was sent packing instead.

With no special powers, immunity idols, or alliances to speak of, Christian was not able to save himself during this week’s tribal council. As a fan-favorite of Season 37, there were many questions fans had following his exit from the game. One of the more burning questions was simple – how did he feel about Gabby backstabbing him? Was he upset? Was he surprised?

Unsurprisingly, several different media outlets that sat down with Christian following his exit from the game asked this very question.

“I thought, ‘That makes perfect sense. Of course she is.’ I always knew, at some point, Gabby would have to target me. I knew she wasn’t going to be a person who wanted to appear to have been dragged to the end. I wasn’t dragging her; we were strategic partners,” he explained to She Knows how he felt after Davie told him Gabby was gunning for him last week.

According to Christian, the only thing that really surprised him about the move was the fact that she made the move so early. He thought they would have had a few more weeks to work together and take out other threats before they turned on each other.

“I always knew she would come for me eventually. She even told me early in the game once that she didn’t want to be viewed as being dragged to the end, like other players. So I always tried to make sure that she had agency in our alliance. Equal buy-in. I always made sure she felt like she was being heard by me — and she was. We were strategic partners,” Christian told Entertainment Weekly, who asked whether he was disappointed in Gabby’s move in last week’s episode.

Christian later added that it wasn’t disbelief or betrayal he felt after Davie broke the news to him. In fact, what he felt was instant acceptance as he knew it was a move Gabby would have eventually had to make.

“On day 31, probably an hour after she started mobilizing the vote against me, I actually approached her saying that she deserved more credit for her game and tried to float a plan with her to achieve that,” he added.


While fans of the series made it clear on social media they were not happy with the game move Gabby attempted to make – and some even believed it is what cost Christian his game this week – Christian, himself, did not appear to have any ill-will toward her. In fact, he made it clear he respected her for making a game move she believed was in her best interest.