‘B&B’ Recap For Friday, December 14: Brooke Tells Taylor To Leave, Wyatt & Sally Say ‘I Love You’

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Bold and the Beautiful recap for Friday, December 14 features Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) who faced off against Hope Logan Spencer (Annika Noelle) and Brooke Logan Forrester (Katherine Kelly Lang). Hope and Brooke opined that Kelly Spencer (Zoe Pennington) was not safe around Taylor Hayes (Hunter Tylo).

Hope asked Liam, “Is this really someone you want in your daughter’s life?” and said that Taylor would never be alone with their unborn daughter. She didn’t believe that they could be a big blended family with Taylor involved.

When Liam asked Brooke how she would feel if she couldn’t see her grandchild, Brooke seemed indignant. She let Liam know that she would expect that reaction if she had shot somebody. Brooke then decided to go and see Steffy.

Steffy & Taylor Discussed Her Moving In on Bold and the Beautiful

Taylor was concerned that if she moved in would complicate Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) relationship with Liam. She also warned Steffy that Brooke was out to get her. Steffy tried to reassure her mother that Brooke’s opinion did not matter and told her that she was proud to be her daughter.

Taylor thanked Steffy for the tea she made her, before talking about Steffy’s own success. She admitted to missing Phoebe (Mackenzie Mauzy) when she saw how well Steffy was doing. In turn, Steffy told her mother she said that when she first learned that she was pregnant with Kelly, she had hoped that she was carrying twins. She wanted Kelly to have the same experience that she had had when she was growing up.

Steffy noted that Kelly would have a sister and that she wanted them to be close. Taylor admired Steffy, per Soaps. She asked her mother to look after Kelly while she went to see Hope and Brooke.

Steffy Informed Liam & Hope Of New Living Arrangements

Steffy arrived just as Liam was trying to convince Hope that Kelly was safe with Taylor. She told them that Taylor would be moving in with her. Hope couldn’t believe that Steffy had left Kelly alone with Taylor. Steffy sharply told Hope that it was none of her concern whom she left Kelly with, per Soap Central. Hope replied that it was Liam’s. Hope asked Liam if he was comfortable with Taylor looking after Kelly while Steffy looked at him expectantly.

Brooke Logan Forrester Tells Taylor Hayes To Leave Town

Brooke arrived at the cliff house and Taylor greeted her at the door with Kelly in her arms. Taylor told her that she was taking care of Kelly and warned her not to say anything about it. After Taylor put Kelly down, she told Brooke that she wouldn’t harm Kelly. Brooke felt that her presence around Kelly was a problem.

She told Taylor to leave town because Liam and Hope were uncomfortable around her. Taylor informed her that she also wanted to leave town but Steffy convinced her otherwise. Steffy asked her to move in, and she has. Taylor told Brooke that she’s not going anywhere and would take care of Kelly alone.

Wyatt Spencer Told Sally Spectra ‘I Love You’

Wyatt and Sally were doing yoga and discuss her idea for an activewear line. Wyatt was excited about Sally’s suggestion and talked about being part of a bigger organization now. Bold and the Beautiful fans know that she was once the head honcho of the Spectra fashion house and didn’t need to run her ideas by anyone. The couple then talked about her loss of Spectra.

After they made love, Wyatt said that he has tried to show her but has actually never said certain words to her. Sally told him that she doesn’t need to hear those three words when suddenly Wyatt blurts, “I love you.” Sally said, “Wow, before saying it back to him.