Shakira Facing Tax Evasion Charges Failure To Pay Funds Owed On Barcelona Residence

Helen Storms

Colombian singer Shakira, 41, has been charged with tax evasion. Colombian prosecutors say that the "Hips Don't Lie" singer neglected to pay $16.3 million owed for her Barcelona residence between the years of 2012 and 2014, according to People. The charges that were released on Friday state that Shakira had previously listed her home in the Bahamas as her primary residence, despite living in Barcelona the majority of the time. Shakira has two young sons, 3-year-old Sasha and 5-year-old Milan, with partner Gerard Pique. Her family was said to be living with her in the Barcelona home during the years in question.

Despite the prosecutors allegations, the singer is holding true to her original claims. While she did live in Spain for part of the year, she says it was not longer for 183 days. This is the amount of time necessary to claim a primary residence on tax documents.

Sources close to Shakira claim that she has already paid the entirety of the amount due. They believe she is simply being used in a "smear campaign" to tarnish the reputation of a well-known artist. Many are convinced that Shakira is being used to set an example for other taxpayers. Perhaps if they see that tax evasion can catch up with even some of the must successful members of society, they will be scared into truthful reporting.

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