Chino Moreno Side Project Crosses Appears To Be Coming Back

Raphael DiasGetty Images

Chino Moreno is one of rock music’s most versatile musicians. From rap to metal to melodic singing, Moreno is known for his whispy-yet-abrasive vocals as the frontman of heavy metal titans Deftones, in which he also plays rhythm guitar. In 2011, however, Moreno formed the band Crosses (stylized as †††).

Also Featuring Chuck Doom and Sean Lopez, Crosses released their only full-length album to date in February 2011. Their self-titled debut spanned the electronic genre, as well as rock, pop, and just about everything in between. Crosses received generally favorable reviews from music critics, garnering a 74 on Metacritic. Since the album’s release, however, all has mostly been quiet with regard to Crosses.

However, according to a recent report from Metal Injection, it appears Crosses may be about to come back.

Crosses’ official Facebook page had been completely stagnant since 2016 with no updates or news whatsoever. Recently, however, the band updated their Facebook page with a never-before-seen image depicting the Crosses logo superimposed over a man in a white button-up shirt and leather mask.

New artwork from Crosses
Featured image credit: CrossesFacebook

While the new image didn’t come with any official news, including an album title, or release date, fans and music outlets are buzzing about the possibility of a new Crosses album in the near-future.

Often associated with “witch house,” music–a darker electronic style of music associated with the occult–Chino Moreno has mostly rejected the label, or any other label for that matter. He also doesn’t associate the band’s darker and cross-laden aesthetic with any sort of religious context, according to an interview with Alternative Press. He also revealed that he initially considered using inverted crosses for the logo, but ultimately decided against it.

“There were thoughts in my head like, ‘are they going to be inverted crosses or regular crosses?’ I didn’t want people to think we are a religious band, a satanic band or that we are a witch-house band. It’s difficult using a religious symbol, but at the same time, I think in an artistic way, it can totally go somewhere else and I think we are kind of walking that line.”

While Crosses is up in the air, it looks like a new album could be on the horizon. If so, Chino Moreno is probably going to be a busy man for the next year. Deftones, his main band, have officially announced that they are recording new material, which is expected to come out in 2019.