Fox News Host Howard Kurtz Asserts That 'No Other Modern First Lady' Has Been Abused Like Melania Trump

On Thursday, Fox News host Howard Kurtz asserted on Ingraham Angle that there has been no other modern first lady that has been treated quite as badly as Melania Trump.

According to Yahoo Finance, Kurtz insisted that Melania is mocked in a way that is unheard of among modern wives of presidents today, and that it is a testament to her fortitude and strength that she manages to mainly keep silent in the face of such adversity.

"Melania is subjected to a particularly brutal kind of treatment and mockery. Whether it's Jimmy Kimmel making fun of her accent to all this media chatter about well, why didn't she go on this trip with her husband and did she swat his hand away? She's got a thick skin, but no other modern first lady has been treated like this."
As Fox News Insider reports, when Melania Trump sat down for an interview with Sean Hannity, she admitted that her patience was wearing thin as "opportunists" continued to take aim at her, even trying to publicly humiliate her young son, Barron. When Hannity asked her whether such criticism hurt or bothered her, Melania insisted that it normally doesn't, explaining, "It doesn't hurt. The problem is they're writing history and it's not correct."

Laura Ingraham, meanwhile, has agreed with Howard Kurtz, and believes that if Melania Trump were to give more interviews, perhaps this might dispel some of the misconceptions the public has about her. Ingraham also noted that, in marked contrast to Melania, "Michelle Obama could do no wrong."

However, despite Kurtz's suggestion that Melania Trump is the most mocked first lady in modern history, posters on Twitter quickly pointed out that this is simply not the case. After all, Michelle Obama was frequently criticized for the way she looked, according to some, while others reminded Kurtz that some Fox reporters allegedly even claimed that she looked like an ape. Other posters felt that it would be prudent to point out that First Lady Hillary Clinton was boldly mocked by Howard Kurtz himself in 1998.

As Laura Chapin added, "Hi, @HowardKurtz? I'll say what other women want to say. The sexism and racism heaped on Michelle Obama by you and others at your network was evil and wrong."

While discussing the public abuse of Melania Trump, Howard Kurtz was quick to admit that Barack Obama had certainly faced his fair share of racial slurs, but contested that this was ever done by "mainstream media."