Netflix And DreamWorks Working On Original Kids Show

Original programming is the new gold standard for TV streaming services, and now Netflix is working with DreamWorks Animation to create a new children’s TV show.

The new series titled Turbo: F.A.S.T. will debut in December and is based off the upcoming DreamWorks movie Turbo. The movie will debut on July 19.

Turbo is the story of a snail that developes superhero powers after a freak accident.

The movie features the voice work of Ryan Reynolds and Paul Giamatti.

Netflix is on an original series roll lately. The company recently debuts an entire season of Kevin Spacey’s political drama House Of Cards, a project Netflix spent $100 million to secure.

Also premiere 0n Netflix in May will be the fourth season of Arrested Development.


Netflix isn’t the only streaming service targeting children’s programming. Amazon in January plans to produce five original series aimed at the children’s market. The new programs will be available at no additional cost for Amazon Prime customers.

Hulu is also jumping in on the original programming animation game with The Awesomes, a new series co-created with Saturday Night Live’s Seth Myers.

In the meantime, Netflix is pinning a lot of its hopes on the success of a movie that has yet to be released. Netflix already has a large focus on children’s programming including the company’s “For Kids” section, which offers family friendly programming within the main Netflix platform.

Do you think original TV programming on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and other services is the future of TV?