Aussie Supermodel Natalie Roser Goes Entirely Topless, Covers Herself In Prayer While Grinning From Ear To Ear

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Australian model Natalie Roser has been making heads — and headlines — turn for some time now, flaunting her natural beauty and enviable figure on the runway and on the cover of Maxim magazine, per the Daily Mail.

Now, Natalie is taking it to an entirely different level in her most recent social media posting, one that is as provocative as it gets. Taking to popular social media platform Instagram, where the Aussie from Down Under boasts over 988,000 followers, the blonde bombshell shared a snapshot that showed not only her incredible body — but also her vibrant sense of humor.

In this particular image, Natalie can be seen standing in front of a stony background, all earth tones. Her pale and fair complexion stands out in sharp contrast to her craggy surroundings, flawless skin exposed to all of the elements. Topless and covering her bust with nothing by her slim forearms, Natalie folds her hands together in a praying position, closing her eyes as she does so.

A broad and genuine smile spreads across her face, her lips parted to reveal her pearly white teeth. Natalie’s signature golden locks tumble down in loose waves about her neck, shoulders, and chest — and she chooses to accessorize the nude look with a pair of chunky circular earrings.

Although the image has been live for less than a day — as of the writing of this article — it has already attracted an outsized amount of attention. Over 20,000 of Natalie’s fans and followers have awarded the sensual and fun snapshot with a like, and the image also collected nearly 250 comments. In the caption attending the image, Natalie joked that she hoped nobody had stolen her top while her photographer — Torrey West — and makeup artist — Casey Gore — framed the shoot.

One user quipped, “I’m hoping you didn’t find it,” referring to Natalie’s shirt — while another commenter gushed that, “you are an inspiration to me, oozing style inside and out, from head to toe… quiet elegance, effortless for doing this shoot. What a beautiful woman!”

Natalie Roser made headlines most recently when dishing about her ill-fated new diet, one that made her very sick, per the Daily Mail. After cutting out fruit and carbohydrates from her intake entirely, Natalie says that she “got really sick.” Also flirting with a no-sugar diet, one which allegedly left her desperately depressed, it looks like the Australian model has finally figured out her perfect, personal path to nutrition.