Canadian Model Danielle Knudson Playfully Wrestles Her Friend As Both Wear Scanty White Bikinis On The Beach

Nicholas Morine

Canadian model Danielle Knudson has been turning heads recently, frequently assisted in the endeavor by her fellow fashion model and fast friend, Melody de la Fe. Taking to Instagram less than a day ago to show off a provocative ode to their partnership, Danielle showed the strength of their bond while also managing to look sexy while doing so.

With the two beautiful women standing side by side, Melody's chestnut tresses complementing Danielle's tousled blonde, it's evident that they have a deep relationship. Melody has both arms wrapped around Danielle's chest, locked at the wrist, while Danielle reaches up with both hands to grip Melody's forearms.

Danielle and Melody are wearing matching two-piece bikinis, both in pure white. The minimalist design of the swimwear leaves little to the imagination, showcasing both women's enviable figures. Danielle's flat stomach and toned thighs are on full display, as are Melody's vivacious curves. The Canadian model accessorizes her look with a pair of silver aviators, while her Australian companion chooses a pair of dark plum sunglasses, instead.

While Melody de la Fe blows a coy kiss to the camera, Danielle looks away, smiling. A thin and delicate pendant hangs from Danielle's neck, and she shows just a hint of cleavage.

Captioning the image with an inspirational quote regarding the value of friendship, Danielle also offered up a shout-out to her photographer, Joe Weir, as well as for her passion project shared with Melody -- The Bikini Diaries.

It appears that Danielle Knudson's many fans and followers also appreciated the post, with over 5,700 of them offering her a like in addition to nearly 60 comments. One user wrote, "double trouble!!" while another commented that, "OMG you're beautiful and sexy. Both of you."