Tammy Hembrow Puts Booty On Display As She Works Out Braless In Tiny Thong

Jono SearleGetty Images

Instagram model Tammy Hembrow, known for her chiseled body achieved after days of hard work in the gym, has raised the bar to the next level in her latest Instagram snap. The photo features her barely dressed as she works out beachside on exercise equipment.

The blonde bombshell is featured in the photo sitting on an abdominal bench with one leg spread over each side. She has her arms braced out in front of her as she looks to the side toward the camera. The model is completely braless, wearing just a short white crop top that barely covers her ample chest and a tiny thong bikini that leaves plenty of skin on display. She paired the outfit with white tennis shoes and white socks. As she pushes her backside out to flaunt her muscular curves, her long blonde hair falls over one shoulder, and the sun highlights her black-lined eyes and glossy lips.

The 24-year-old model captioned the sexy photo with the emoji of a simple pair of cherries. Her 9 million followers loved the snap, calling her “amazing as usual” and leaving hundreds of messages with peach and fire emojis.

One Instagram user commented, “Omg you are goals!,” while another wrote, “Take your life to the next level, watch her & learn.”

Many of the fitness entrepreneur’s fans look up to her as a role model. Not only does Tammy enjoy modeling her body in tiny bikinis on Instagram, but she has also dedicated her life to developing her own activewear line, called Saski Collection, in addition to her own workout tools. She even developed a workout app, called Tammy Fit, where she shares exercise tips and videos in addition to healthy recipes. According to her official website, “Tammy hopes to motivate and inspire women to live happier, healthier lives.”

The Inquisitr reported that Tammy makes $45,000 from every selfie she posts in which she promotes the sports nutrition brand Women’s Best. She began promoting the brand in 2016 and has already posted 35 sponsored photos so far in 2018. In these photos, she typically poses with a shaker bottle full of one of their products as she works out or poses in skimpy clothing.

An inside source commented to the Daily Mail on Tammy’s work with Women’s Best — and the amount of money she receives to promote their products.

“Tammy knows her worth and this fee is entirely fair given her following, social media reach and engagement rate on all platforms.”