Melania Trump Mocked On Social Media For Dyeing Her Hair ‘Like Donald’s’

Alex WongGetty Images

Some people on social media think First Lady Melania Trump was simply poking the bear when she went on Fox with a new hair color similar to husband Donald Trump’s dyed locks to say that people who mention her, like journalists and comedians, are opportunists just using her “family name” to get attention.

Hollywood Life says that Melania Trump’s recent transition to blonde has people wondering if she and Donald are trying to look sympatico, or if they just got a twofer on hair color.

Even HL asked the first lady what she did to herself and why, asking if instead of MAGA it should be “Make Melania Trump’s Hair Great Again,” by going back to a brunette shade.

Melania Trump took questions from Sean Hannity on the USS George Bush after meeting some US troops, but people at home have fewer questions about Trump’s “Be Best” campaign, and more about the drastic change in her appearance.

Twitter erupted with questions about whether the first lady wanted to look more like Donald, Ivanka, or maybe Tiffany Trump.

“I think Melania mixed up her hair dye with Donald.”

“Melania has evidently dyed her hair to match her husband’s.”

“Ivanka’s hair looks ghastly on Melania.”

“Who is this rough looking imposter? Surely not Melania trying in her latter years to bleach her hair like Ivanka. Sad.”

Others suggested that this is a cautionary tale of what happens when you aren’t kind to your hairdresser.

“If @FLOTUS has taught us one thing, it’s ALWAYS be nice to your hair stylist.”

Another suggested that Trump should wait until after entering the witness protection program to drastically change her appearance and change her hair color.

Others on Twitter asked if Melania’s new color was called “Fox News Blonde,” or if she was coloring her hair before going on the run like convict Scott Peterson.

“Remember when Scott Peterson dyed his hair blonde? They should check Melania’s trunk for a stash of cash as I think she’s getting ready to flee the country.”

Other people took a practical tack suggesting that the dead of winter is not the time to go brassy blonde, suggesting a honey shade or maybe a red tone.

“You would think that Melania of all people would know that the winter is a ROUGH season to go blonde. Stick w/ brown/red in winter months and hold on blonde (and, for her, a cooler blonde would be better than a warmer blonde) until late spring/summer.”