Teacher Charles Penn Accused Of Asking Student To Perform Sex Acts In Order To Raise Her Grade

Harper Woods police

A former teacher from the Detroit area is facing felony charges for trying to solicit sexual acts from one of his students.

Forty-one-year-old Charles Penn was previously working as an economics teacher at Harper Woods High School when the crime occurred in June this year, according to WWJ News Radio.

On June 11, it is alleged that Penn was asked by a 15-year-old student in his class what she could do if she wanted to raise her grade for the subject. According to the charges against him, he responded by telling her that he would give her better marks if she agreed to perform sex acts on him.

Unfortunately for him, but very luckily for her, another female student overheard the conversation, and corroborated the story with police. The police have stated that Penn, who lives in Southfield, has since “separated his employment with the Harper Woods School District.”

The Harper Woods Police Department also opened up an investigation into the teacher following the students’ allegations, and law enforcement later arrested him on a charge of Children – Accosting for Immoral Purposes.

During an arraignment on Thursday in 32-A District Court, Judge Russell Ethridge set Penn’s personal bond at $50,000, and added that there would be conditions to his release on top of the hefty payment. Preliminary examination of the case has been set for January 2, and he could face up to four years behind bars if he is found guilty.

A man handcuffed following his arrest
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Penn is not the only teacher to recently have been caught trying to solicit sex or other inappropriate acts from his students. A former Oklahoma teacher at Davis High School, 35-year-old Cassandra Renae White, reached a plea deal with prosecutors to avoid jail time at the end of November.

White first appeared on the police’s radar last year after they got wind of an inappropriate relationship between the teacher and one of her 16-year-old students. In December last year, White and the student applied for a marriage license, which was surprisingly signed off on by the boy’s father. The day after this was discovered, White was fired from the school.

“Under Oklahoma law, a person can be charged with rape if a victim, between 16-20 years old, has a sexual relationship with a teacher, at least 18-years-old, and that teacher is employed by the same school system where the student is enrolled,” Oklahoma News 4 noted.

In White’s case, the boy’s family requested that she be offered a plea deal and that the state drop the solicitation charges in exchange.