Straphanger Arrested For Felony Assault After Viral Video Shows Her Attacking Passenger On NYC Subway

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In a crowded Brooklyn subway during rush hour — which is already quite chaotic — a violent straphanger caused mayhem by repeatedly kicking a passenger on a northbound D train at about 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday. And not only that, but she also hurled racial slurs at the woman.

According to the New York Police Department (NYPD), the 40-year-old woman — identified as Anna Lushchinskaya — was charged with felony assault, a report by the New York Post said.

The two videos that surfaced on Twitter showed that Lushchinskaya targeted a 24-year-old woman who boarded the train at the 9th Avenue-39th Street stop when Lushchinskaya launched the attack that left the woman physically injured — with cuts to her face.

The video was filmed by another rider, who appeared to detain Lushchinskaya at the platform of the 36th Street station until the cops came to intervene. Until then, Lushchinskaya kept unleashing her rage-filled assault, the report said.

“F**k off! F**k off! F**k off!” Lushchinskaya is featured screaming at the silent woman who was standing next to her and appears to be busy using her phone. The video was posted to Twitter by a man named Juan Ayala.

In the video, Lushchinskaya first hit the woman’s hand and then pulled an umbrella out of the bag and tried to hit the woman with it when fellow passengers intervened to stop her.

“They’re not letting me hit her back!” Lushchinskaya is seen shouting in the video and then tells a man who tried to stop her “f**king retarded.”

In retaliation, the woman who was attacked by Lushchinskaya is seen telling her, “You come touch me I will punch you right back. I don’t care who the f**k you are.”

It was that moment when all hell broke loose and Lushchinskaya started whacking the woman with her umbrella and repeatedly kicked her. The woman tried kicking her back a few times but Lushchinskaya continued to hit her with her umbrella.

The man who filmed the video is also seen saying to Lushchinskaya, “It’s too early for this s**t…she’s not even fighting you back, b**ch!”

Straphangers tried to stop her but Lushchinskaya was in no mood to give up. The fight then escalated and in a second video posted to Twitter, Lushchinskaya is heard saying: “Don’t f**k with me you piece of s**t.”

Lushchinskaya then hurled a racial slur at the Asian woman and called her a “f**king c***nk, which sparked condemnation and gasps from fellow riders.

Per the New York Post report, the woman also tried to spit at Ayala and called him “Mohamed” because of his beard when he tried to tell her off.

“B***h, I’m Dominican,” Ayala told her. “Did you just try to call me Muslim or some s**t.”

Ayala then forcefully grabbed the woman and held the unruly woman until the cops showed up. He also threw her to the ground when fellow passengers told him to stop.

According to a tweet by the NYPD Transit, the woman was arrested. The report also stated that Ayala sustained some minor injuries when he tried to hold the woman.

Authorities also revealed that Lushchinskaya had been previously involved in another subway incident in June when she allegedly sprayed some liquid at a 36-year-old man on a northbound D train. She was charged with assault, the report concluded.