Michelle Obama Took A Subtle Swipe At Trump During Her Book Tour And The Audience Loved It

Paul MorigiGetty Images

Michelle Obama took her I Am Becoming book tour to Detroit this week, where Business Insider noted her audience went wild when she added in a subtle joke about current President Donald Trump as she discussed the high standards her and her family faced when they were in the White House.

During the latest stop on Tuesday, December 11 of her book tour centering around her best selling memoir Becoming, the former first lady took to the stage at Little Caesars Arena with moderator and comedian Phoebe Robinson, where she discussed a myriad of topics including the scrutiny she and her family endured as the first African-American family to live in the White House.

“We can’t make mistakes. We can’t get indicted,” she said, taking a swipe at President Trump that her audience of roughly 12,000 people loved, showing their approval of the zinger by bursting into laughter when Obama paused after her comment.

The former first lady was, of course, referring to the possibility of an indictment of President Trump in the wake of the alleged numerous felonies he has been implicated for, though he has not been charged for any crimes and continues to maintain his innocence.

She continued on the subject, citing that there is a difference between the standards expected from her family and of the current family residing in the White House.

“We are seeing that right now,” Michelle explained. “We live with double standards all the time.”

The former first lady continued her discussion by explaining that people need to get to know themselves and each other, which is the driving reason behind her writing the book that has made her a best selling author in a matter of weeks.

“We have to share ourselves with each other if we want to break this cycle of discontent and fear, we have to be brave enough to open ourselves up to each other,” she said.

This is not the first time Michelle has taken aim at President Trump, nor is she the only member of the former family to make reference to the legal problems that plague his administration.

As noted by Business Insider, former President Barack Obama commented on the scenario during a speech he gave in November.

“Not only did I not get indicted, nobody in my administration got indicted,” he said. “By the way, it was the only administration in modern history that that can be said about. In fact, nobody came close to being indicted, probably because the people who joined us were there for the right reasons.”