Amy Duggar & Husband Dillon King Like To 'Keep It Wild' In The Bedroom

Kim Brandow

Amy Duggar is considered the "wild child" of the famous TLC reality TV family, and apparently that applies to her intimate life with her husband, Dillon King, as well. The couple attended the "Real Love: Relationship Reality TV's Past, Present & Future" event on Tuesday in Beverly Hills -- and this couple is certainly not shy about sharing details on how they keep their love life exciting.

The former reality stars are opening up about their life behind closed doors, as reported by People. They admit that they have sex all the time, but that could be because they have decided that they are ready to have a baby. Yes, there could very well be another baby Duggar on the way soon. Amy and Dillon have been married for three years now, and they have been enjoying the married life since then. But now they are ready to move on to another chapter in their lives.

Dillon says that he likes to "keep it fresh, keep it wild" when it comes to intimacy in the bedroom with wife Amy Duggar. He changes things up to prevent a sense of repetitiveness. He admitted to using candles, firelight, and massages to help keep things romantic. Dillon explained how he likes to do things.

"Every now and then, got to make it a thing, right? I can't do it repetitively because it gets too built up, she's used to it. Then it's like, how am I going to top that now, right?"

In fact, according to Us Weekly, Amy and Dillon have already begun to plan out their future baby announcement. The Duggar cousin said that they want it to be very unique, which apparently includes some type of bubble.

"We want to do things out of the ordinary. You'll see a bubble full with color."

Amy Duggar, however, has been open about her marriage to Dillon King. It sounds like the lovebirds keep the romance alive. Keep watching for any future baby announcements from these two.