Julianne Hough Rocks A Skimpy Wetsuit In Stunning Underwater Photo

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

Julianne Hough showed off her amazing dancer’s body in a skimpy wetsuit in a stunning new photo as she took a dip deep under the water. The star shared a new snap with fans on her Instagram account on December 12 which showed her snorkeling alongside a school of fish as she swam deep under the water during a recent vacation.

The Dancing with the Stars professional dancer turned judge donned her snorkeling mask and fins as she dove deep under the water to snap the photo, while she was also showing off her seriously toned legs in the legless wetsuit while getting very close to the fish.

Writing in the caption, Julianne told her more than 4 million followers, “Bait Ball-er”, with an orange fish emoji as she swam with what appeared to be hundreds of fish.

Hough then tagged her location as being the very tropical Raja Ampat Islands in Indonesia, which is where she recently vacationed with her husband, entrepreneur Brooks Laich, and a group of close friends, which included former The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev.

In addition to her latest fun underwater snap, the group has been sharing various happy vacation photos across social media over the past few days as they soaked up the sun together.

Julianne most recently posted a number of sweet pictures from the trip on her Instagram page, including adorable pictures of her smiling from ear to ear with Nina and a group of girlfriends as well as cuddling up to Brooks, who she married last year.

“Amazing place, even better company,” Hough wrote in the caption with a red heart emoji.

Julianne then added, “I will always have a special place in my heart for these beautiful souls and all of the gifts they have given me through this experience.”

Prior to that, the Inquisitr reported that Hough could be seen sharing a sweet kiss with her husband as they took in the stunning scenery in Asia together in another snap she posted online for her millions of followers to see. Daily Mail reported that Julianne was also spotted posing with Nina as they sported their bikinis together in the sun.

But the group also proved that it wasn’t all such relaxation as they headed to Indonesia.

The Inquisitr shared that another picture posted by Nina showed the gang all getting a little more adventurous as they took a huge leap off the side of a large boat and plunged straight into the ocean.

The upload showed the ladies of the group jumping off the side of the ship in their swimwear while the men all posed under the water.

But while it looked like all fun and games for Hough and the gang, Dobrev admitted in the caption that it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

The actor told her followers that the group all suffered from a few bruises as a result of the very ambitious leap, as Nina wrote on the social media site, “Yes. It hurt upon impact. #BruiseLife4Life #IfYouDidntBruiseDidItEvenHappen?”