Busty Canadian Instagram Star Natalie Gauvreau Says ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside,’ So Why’s She Naked Except Scarf?

Natalie GauvreauInstagram

Natalie Gauvreau, a Toronto-based Instagram model, generally throws modesty into the snowy Canadian winds when it comes to presenting herself to the public, even describing herself in her online handle as “Sexy Nat G” on her somewhat NSFW SexyNatG.com site and on her Instagram page, where the 33-year-old posts an ongoing series of nearly nude images, many of which show her only nod to modesty as the popular online pose known as the “hair bra.”

As the description would imply, according to the magazine Maxim, the “hair bra” is a pose that has been used dozens, maybe hundreds of times by the young women of Instagram to get around the social media platform’s restrictions on nudity, and generally portrays the model topless with only her cascading mane providing cover for what would otherwise be concealed by a brassiere, bikini top, or another garment — though the first two tend to be the apparel of choice among Instagram models.

The “hair bra” itself is a variation on another extremely popular Instagram meddling pose, the “hand bra,” as demonstrated by Instagram star Abigail Ratchford, as the Inquisitr has highlighted.

But in Gauvreau’s latest pic, posted on Tuesday, the Canadian with 3.5 million Instagram followers displayed a new variation on the “hair bra,” which could be called the “scarf bra.”

The post marked a departure for Gauvreau, who has offered numerous “hair bra” poses on her Instagram account, most recently on a November 23 Instagram post in which she, in the accompanying caption, encouraged her fans to, “Shake your t***, it’s Friday.”

In another “hair bra” pose she quipped that the topless ensemble is what she would wear to a job interview.

In the caption to her Tuesday “scarf bra” post, in which the scarf functions more as full body suit than a mere bra, given that Gauvreau — who has appeared in the cameo role of “Stripper” in the SyFy Network series Warehouse 13, according to her Internet Movie Database page — Gauvreau gave a nod to the classic but controversial Oscar-winning song “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” which originally appeared in the 1944 film Neptunes’ Daughter.

But the song more recently has become the subject of controversy for its lyrics which have been described as “sexist” and sounding “date-rape warning bells,” according to National Public Radio.

But while Gauvreau did not offer an opinion on the content of the song, another Canadian celebrity, original Star Trek star William Shatner, 87, has defended the tune, calling the refusal to play it by radio stations “censorship,” People reports.