Former NBA Star Mike Bibby Kicked Out Of Son’s Basketball Game [Video]

Mike Bibby

Phoenix, AZ — The NBA’s Mike Bibby was escorted out of his son’s high school basketball game by police after arguing with the referees Friday night.

Bibby acted like some sort of hero upon being kicked out by cops as he received an ovation from the teens watching the game in the gym

His son, Michael Bibby, is a freshman point guard for Shadow Mountain High School in Phoenix. Mike Bibby himself played for the same high school, and 20 years ago led the team to a state basketball championship.

ABC 15 columnist Paul Calvisi had some advice for Mike Bibby after being ejected:

“During games, Mike Bibby should act just like his #10 jersey that hangs on the wall of the Shadow Mountain gymnasium. Not make a sound. Simply watch. Be the strong silent type of parental unit.

“In other words, when an entire high school gym is abuzz with the presence of a former NBA star, the most important thing that Mike Bibby can do for his son and the rest of a young and impressionable team? Serve as a good example. “

Deadspin described Bibby’s reaction after being tossed out this way: “That’s the shit-eating grin of a man who has a long career as an insufferable basketball dad in front of him. Good luck with that, Mike Bibby Jr.”

USA Today expressed similar sentiments about Mike Bibby’s behavior that led cops to eject him from the game:

“On one hand, your dad is a former NBA player and state legend, making him one of the coolest parents around. On the other, he’s also apparently the dad who embarrasses his kid by making a spectacle of himself in front of all the kid’s classmates.”

After high school, Mike Bibby won a national championship with the University of Arizona. He then went on to a 14-year career in the NBA with the Vancouver (now Memphis) Grizzlies, Sacramento Kings, Atlanta Hawks, Washington Wizards, Miami Heat, and the New York Knicks. There are three generations of point guards in the Bibby family: Henry Bibby, Mike Bibby, and Michael Bibby.

[Top image credit: Keith Allison]