Jennifer Lopez Consoles Her Mom After She Was Smacked In The Head By A Fan's Elbow On Her Birthday

Kim Brandow

Jennifer Lopez is not a happy camper, and you certainly can't blame her. She has been a busy girl doing interviews on Wednesday, but she hasn't been doing it alone. Her mother, Lupe, has been seen tagging along with her famous daughter as she makes her rounds to various talk shows. It's also a special day as she is celebrating her birthday as well. However, an incident involving a mob of fans caused a bit of a mishap for the birthday girl.

Lopez was greeted with a whole lot of excited fans who were waiting outside Sirius Radio in New York to catch a glimpse, and possibly an autograph, from the 49-year-old entertainer. TMZ caught the moment on video as you could see her mom getting out of the vehicle in the middle of the mob and then trailing behind her. Fans were doing their best to get JLo's attention and she was intent on signing a few autographs.

All of a sudden Lupe somehow got caught up in all of the excited fans and ended up getting smacked on the side of the head by someone's elbow. Her daughter's demeanor changed as she rushed over to make sure her mother was okay. The duo is then seen getting escorted away from the crowd by security. Poor Lupe was rubbing her head where she was hit looking a bit dazed. Lopez looked pretty upset by the incident. It appeared that she said something to the guy who supposedly elbowed her mom. She walked away shaking her head at the madness.

Jennifer Lopez also spent some time chatting with the crew on Good Morning America on Wednesday. The mom of two came out wearing a sparkling silver jumpsuit as she talked about her new movie, Second Act, and also dished on daughter Emme starring in the new music video for the song off the film's soundtrack called "Limitless." Lupe was sitting right there in the audience watching her daughter proudly in a matching silver sweater.

Despite getting banged on the head by a fan, it looks like she did have some fun celebrating her special day. Hopefully Lupe is alright after this unfortunate incident.