Delivery App Postmates Looks Back On 2018's Weirdest Orders, Including 200 Limes For Chrissy Teigen

Melissa Binns

Postmates, an app that can deliver items from 200,000 restaurants and shops, has had some unique orders this year, USA Today is reporting. Turns out, the company has been keeping track of their deliveries this entire time, meaning that one awkward order you once made in an emergency has been documented. A look back on 2018 shows that some of the orders made, such as December seeing 79 percent more orders for batteries than any of the other months. (New presents, gadgets, and decorations leave some people needing batteries in a pinch!) Other orders made...less sense.

One woman had the app deliver her a $3,400 dress at a restaurant, as she had spilled something on the one she had been wearing. Another customer asked for "the dopest and most colorful of the fake birds that they keep with the floral stuff and vines. They should be 3 inches and up in height." While orders like that were bizarre, some customer trends were more predictable. For instance, December 31, 2017 saw a whopping 164 percent increase in alcohol orders, whereas January 1 consisted of hundreds of requests for Tylenol, Advil, and Pedialyte.

On Super Bowl Sunday this February, orders from Buffalo Wild Wings tripled, followed up by an increased amount of requests for romantic dinners and sex toys on February 14. The app got some publicity on March 17 after Chrissy Teigen ordered five limes from John Legend's Postmates account. Somehow, Teigen ended up receiving five bags of limes -- resulting in a total of around 200 limes. In true Teigen fashion, the model ended up documenting the mix-up on her social media. She did eventually post an update where she shared a photo of two yummy-looking key lime pies she had made.

Also notable is October 7, when a customer made history by officially tipping over $10,000 over the span of 600 orders. Election Day had some memorable deliveries too, such as three orders for 1,248 cans of Red Bull, several boxes of red, white and blue sprinkle cupcakes, and hundreds of taco orders. A look back at the deliveries throughout the year almost tells a story about events in 2018.