Ashley Graham Bares Her Chest As Someone Grabs Her From Behind For 'V Magazine'

Ashley Graham's newest photo for V Magazine is at once bizarre and sexy. She showed off her curves by going shirtless under a tan-colored trench coat. The coat was only partially covering her, with it sliding somewhat off of her right shoulder -- and completely off of her left shoulder. Aspects of her figure were censored by someone wearing green gloves that grabbed her from behind, as Graham clutched at their right hand. The mysterious green-gloved person is completely hidden behind Ashley -- but they wore a pearl bracelet on their left hand, which complemented Graham's pearl jewelry.

Graham wore bright pink eyeshadow, along with brown liner and glossy lipstick. In addition to a pearl necklace, she also sported dangling earrings in white. The image was posted to the publication's Instagram page with the caption, "Grab your Tuesday by the..." Fans can grab the latest edition, #V116, to see the picture in question. Fans commented with jokes about the green-gloved person being the Grinch, while others said, "Fantastic picture looks great!" and "Very nice."

The model has been keeping her fans well-informed through her Instagram page recently, including a sneak peek of her newest campaign for Revlon's PhotoReady Candid Foundation. Ashley promoted the partnership by sharing a photo of her laying on her side while wearing a low, v-cut red dress. Her lipstick matched her outfit, as she wore her hair slicked back.

In another post from December 2, Graham showed off some photos from a recent catwalk, when she wore a turquoise-and-black lingerie set. The bra had metallic turquoise with black accents, while the bottom was matte turquoise with a black strap. Other photos from the post showed other plus-sized models modeling many types of lingerie.The comments for the lingerie show revealed many admirers relief at seeing "real" bodies, while others made jabs about the models' body sizes. In the midst of that, it's important to keep in mind that Ashley has been one of the models in the forefront of the plus-size model industry, which seems to be quickly evolving. She's previously explained her outlook on modeling, as detailed by L'Officiel.
"I am proud to be a body activist, to promote and represent body diversity. Beauty has nothing to do with weight and it is important to teach the next generation to feel good in their skin, and to celebrate differences instead of erasing them. Being a top model is no longer about having good cheekbones, it's about representing a company, a brand and being a businessperson."