79-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Selling Marijuana

A 79-year-old woman has been arrested for selling marijuana. Norma Cheren of Atlanta, Georgia is being charged with a felony after police found nine pounds of marijuana in her home.

The Atlanta Police Narcotics division searched Cheren’s home after receiving a tip. Officers recovered a plastic tote containing nine pounds of marijuana and several “metal lunch boxes” filled with over $130,000 cash.

Cheren was scheduled for a hip replacement next week. Although her public defender pointed this out to the judge, her bond was set at $25,000. As Reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the surgery will likely have to be postponed.

Neighbors were shocked to learn that their 79-year-old neighbor had been arrested for selling marijuana. They expressed their disbelief that the kind elderly lady could be involved with selling drugs. Cheren was friendly with her neighbors, always waving and smiling as she passed. Although a friend notes that Cheren is “old and can barely move,” she continued to go for walks every day.

As reported by Detroit News Daily, Cheren’s neighbors have seen a slight increase of crime in the neighborhood. Although some are not surprised that a neighbor was arrested for selling marijuana, they were surprised that the neighbor was nearly 80 years old.


This is the second time Cheren has faced drug charges. She was arrested for possession of marijuana in 1991. Cheren avoided incarceration and was instead sentenced to seven years of probation.

The 79-year-old woman is currently being held on$25,000 bond for felony possession of marijuana with an intent to distribute.