Nicole Kidman's Daughter Wouldn't Accept Her Mother's Emmy, Because She Wants To Earn One Of Her Own

Lea van der Merwe

Last year, actress Nicole Kidman took home two Emmy Awards for her part in Pretty Little Liars: one for her acting in the show, and one for her role as a producer. On Tuesday night, Kidman made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and shared with the television personality what her daughters' reaction was.

As reported by ET Online, in her acceptance speech in September of 2017, Kidman thanked her husband -- singer Keith Urban -- and the couple's children, daughters Sunday and Faith.

"I also am a mother and wife. I have two little girls, Sunny and Faith, and my darling Keith [Urban], who I ask to help me pursue this artistic path and they have to sacrifice so much for it. So this is yours. I want my little girls to have this on their shelf and to go, every time my mama didn't put me to bed, it's because of this! I got something!"

The actress is understandably proud of her daughter's attitude, not wanting to take any hand-me-down awards but rather work hard enough that she can one day say that she earned her own. And she is already dipping her toes into the acting pool, despite her tender age. Both Sunday and Faith have been given cameos in the second season of Pretty Little Liars, and Kidman's co-star Zoe Kravitz has been very impressed by both of their performances -- that she has seen so far -- on set.

"Yeah, they're around a lot and I sometimes can't tell when they're actually in a scene or just hanging out," she told ET Online. "But they're so sweet and really really smart. You can tell they were raised by Nicole Kidman."