Milo Ventimiglia Reveals How He Prepared For His Sexy Shower Scene With Jennifer Lopez

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Milo Ventimiglia is not shy about showing off his fit body, but the This Is Us star apparently jumps right into it in his big screen flick, Second Act. The hunky 41-year-old actor shares a nude scene with Jennifer Lopez at the very beginning of the rom-com film.

In an interview with E! News, Ventimiglia dished about his character Trey’s sexy shower scene with his lady love, Maya (played by Lopez), joking that he prepared himself for the sudsy scene by just talking himself into playing it cool with the gorgeous superstar.

“I’ll tell you how you prepare. You talk to yourself and say, ‘Motherf**ker, just be cool!” Ventimiglia said.

“That role demanded hopping into a shower with the girl that I love. But in life, when ‘cut’ is called and the scene is no longer playing, it’s like, ‘Oh, no. That’s my friend, Jennifer.’ You just get back into normal, regular, real life…having showered together.”

Ventimiglia was also humbled by the fact that Lopez, who is the co-producer of Second Act, handpicked him to be her love interest in the movie, admitting that he has been a huge fan of the actress-singer for years.

“To know that I was the guy she wanted, I thought, ‘Well, is everybody else on the list unavailable by the time it trickled down to me?'” Ventimiglia said.

Of course, the Second Act scene isn’t Milo Ventimiglia’s first onscreen naked scene. The This Is Us star famously bared his buns on the show’s pilot episode in a scene that still follows him today. The premiere episode of the NBC hit showed Ventimiglia’s 1980s-era Jack Pearson walking across the room naked, giving viewers a glimpse of his butt. The scene also showed the actor covering up his privates with a Pittsburgh Steelers “Terrible Towel.”

Milo Ventimiglia previously talked about his bare butt scene during a visit to CBS’ The Talk, revealing that he initially assumed that since This Is Us is on primetime network TV, he would be fully covered when shooting the scene. It turns out he was wrong.

“When I first read the scene I’m like, ‘This is NBC, I’ll be fully covered and everything,'” Ventimiglia said. “Then when I showed up for our very first scene, first day of working on the pilot I walk into my trailer and I see flesh colored fabrics in varying sizes. ‘Okay that’s the kind of rodeo we’re doing today so here we go.'”

Second Act hits theaters on Dec. 21.