‘The Young And The Restless’ Cast Celebrates 30 Years At Number 1

Cliff LipsonCBS

For the past 30 years, The Young and the Restless ranked number one in the daytime ratings. That’s three decades on top, and the view from there looks nice.

Victor actor Eric Braeden proudly announced the important milestone for the CBS Daytime drama. The cast, both old faces and new, took the time to express their thanks and gratitude to the fans. The consensus is that without the fans, Genoa City and all the characters brought to life there would not even exist.

Fan favorites like Jess Walton (Jill), Kristoff St. John (Neil), Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki), Tracey Bregman (Lauren), and Christian LeBlanc (Michael) appeared on the video giving their messages of thanks to the fans for tuning in to watch day in and day out, year after year. Many viewers have tuned into CBS for the entire three decades the show has been at the top.

While the daughter of show co-founders William J. and Lee Phillip Bell, Lauralee Bell, who portrays Christine, appeared in the video, fans were saddened to notice that her on-screen husband Doug Davidson, who portrays Paul did not appear. He announced earlier this year that he had unceremoniously been written out of the storyline with no formal goodbye.

Fans also noted that among the actors representing the Ashby family, Daniel Goddard (Cane), Noah Alexander Gerry (Chalie), and Lexie Stevenson (Maddie), Christel Khalil, who portrays Lily, did not appear in the video. Of course, on the show, Lily is serving time in prison for her part in Hilary’s death while the actress chose to move to recurring status for now to pursue other opportunities.

Although the video celebrates a considerable accomplishment for the actors, writers, and crew, fans, who are not pleased about all the veteran actors who left in 2018, took to the comments section to express their displeasure with the show’s current direction.

One fan named Nisee Larkins Morrell remarked, “well I’m sure they won’t be #1 for too much longer with the storyline they been giving us!!! Billy-Phyllis-Nick- crap!!! Victor where are you? This show is going down fast.”

Another viewer named Cheryl Gaffny Floyd suggested an alternative method of thanks. She said, “You can thank us by coming up with more creative storylines instead of resurrecting old ones over & over and prolonging them. The JT saga needs to end, months ago.”

Despite a lot of negativity, some fans loved the video as well as the show it represents. Kim Shaw-Young replied, “Young and the Restless is and has been the best on TV by far. Never miss an episode. Never.”

Longtime fans also chimed in with favorite memories of the show’s past as well as personal antidotes like one viewer who said she named her daughter “Lauren” after Bregman’s beloved character.

Thirty years is quite an accomplishment, and despite recently falling ratings, the show managed to remain on top. Who knows? Perhaps they’ll stay there for the next three decades, too.