Stormy Daniels May Face Slander Lawsuit From Strip Club Owner Leonard Del Percio Over Gay Slur Allegation

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Goldfinger strip club owner Leonard Del Percio says he may sue Stormy Daniels after she claimed that he called her right-hand man a “f*****g f****t.” Del Percio says that Daniels lied about his use of the homophobic slur and that it wasn’t him who broke the contract that stipulated that the porn actress would appear in his club, but Daniels, TMZ reports.

On Sunday, TMZ reported that Daniels, who is legally known as Stephanie Clifford, refused to appear at the Goldfinger Gentleman’s Club in Florida after the owner allegedly used a homophobic slur against her assistant. She posed for a photo with her assistant, flipping the camera the bird in front of the club. She posted the image on Instagram, explaining that she wouldn’t be appearing at the club as scheduled, adding that Del Percio had requested she do something outside of her contract.

“I will NOT be performing at Goldfingers tonight because the owner called my assistant a ‘f*****g f****t’ after asking me to do something not in my contract. That kind of abuse will not be tolerated. Now they are saying I no showed. Clearly you can see from this photo that is NOT the case,” she wrote.”When are dips**s gonna learn that I do not respond well to bullies?”

The star was originally scheduled to appear at the Goldfinger club on December 7 and 8 in Sunrise, Florida.

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Del Percio says that he never made the slur against Daniels’ assistant and she was the one who broke the contract by refusing to appear on stage. He said that he is considering directing his attorneys to sue the 39-year-old for slander.

The club owner also says that he has owned several gay bars as evidence that he is not homophobic.

Stormy Daniels is no stranger to controversy. She is currently involved in a political scandal involving President Donald Trump, who allegedly paid the Full Disclosure author hush payments to keep quiet about an affair that the two had before he became president, which could constitute campaign fraud.

The president has denied any involvement in the payments, saying that if any payments were made, they were made by his lawyer without his knowledge.

Trump claims that the alleged payoffs were just a private transaction, not a campaign contribution and that any payments were “done correctly by a lawyer and there would not even be a fine. Lawyer’s liability if he made a mistake, not me.”