‘Playboy’ Playmate Sara Underwood Wows In Latest Bikini, Bathing Suit Shots On Instagram

Ethan MillerGetty Images

Sara Underwood has her social media fans buzzing once again with her latest Instagram posts. The former Playboy Playmate has been mixing it up with a variety of styles in her posts and her last couple are going back to the basics in a sense.

The Instagram star is known for sharing sizzling-hot shots showing her in various states of undress. As the Inquisitr recently shared, Sara Underwood had posted some very seductive video clips to her Instagram Stories not long ago that were designed to drive fans to some of her other online sources of content. Now, in her newest photos, she seems to be keeping things simple and it looks like they’re quite the hit.

On Monday, Underwood posted a picture showing her in a burgundy-colored bikini as she sat in a hot spring in Iceland. It seems that this bikini is a Kira Swim piece, a brand that touts offerings that are “class cuts with a twist.”

This sultry picture was taken at the Blue Lagoon Spa in Iceland and despite the wintery weather enveloping the setting, Underwood is clearly steaming hot in this bikini and hot spring water. More than 9.2 million people follow Sara’s Instagram adventures and this particular post was shown love by more than 132,000 of them in less than 24 hours.

On Tuesday, Underwood shared a new Instagram post showcasing a photo taken by the same photographer, Steve Bitanga. In this case, Sara was in Bali, Indonesia, and she’s wearing a unique one-piece bathing suit as she lounges in a gorgeous forest setting.

Sara didn’t tag the brand of swimwear she was wearing in this snapshot, but it was a beautiful white one-piece with straps across the midriff and cutouts on the side. It showed off quite a bit of Underwood’s cleavage and sat high on her hips to show off her curves.

This photo from Sara’s visit to Indonesia gathered a lot of attention quite quickly, as in just 45 minutes of being on Underwood’s page it had nearly 20,000 likes. Numerous followers of the model’s noted that it was a gorgeous shot and that she looked beautiful.

Underwood has done shoots with this photographer numerous times, and he has a stunning photo of Sara on his own Instagram page, too. In that one, shared in October, Underwood is near a waterfall in Oregon. She is in a bikini that shows off lots of cleavage and she’s giving the camera a kissy face as she flaunts her curves.

No matter what Sara Underwood is wearing, or in many cases, not wearing, she stirs up her millions of Instagram followers. She is clearly living her best life these days, traveling the world and oozing with confidence, and her fans are always ready to embrace whatever she shares.