Danielle Herrington's String Bikini Barely Covers Anything As She Says Hi To Fans During An Instagram Video

Mizuki Hisaka

Danielle Herrington is back for her third year with Sports Illustrated for the 2019 Swimsuit Edition, and the sneak peek photos and videos show her looking great. The first video that was shared to Instagram was perhaps the most revealing, as Danielle wore a string bikini that literally appeared to be just a string that criss-crossed on her body. It barely covered her up, as she said hi to her fans and did a quick shot of her outfit. It's hard to see for sure, but it looks like the entire swimsuit might technically be a one-piece, with the pieces of string wrapping around the bottom of her body as well.

The model wore her hair down in tight curls, along with gold hoop earrings and some dark lipstick. The captions noted, "Last up on this shoot, but certainly not least, is last year's cover model @danielle_herrington_! And if her fitting is any indication of what's to come, this is going to be an EPIC way to wrap up our time in Costa Rica!"

The other models that have been chosen for the upcoming edition include: Jasmine Sanders, Kate Bock, Lais Ribeiro, Barbara Palvin, and Hunter McGrady. But of course, fans are more than excited to see Danielle in the mix, considering that she's been a huge fan favorite for years.

"I've got to say I'm pretty chill when it comes to beauty. My hair is a weave, so I just kind of wet it, put a little conditioner in, and let it air dry. It's so easy! I don't really have acne, and just wash my face with the Neutrogena orange pump soap, then moisturize with some basic cream like Pond's. My only splurge is the GlamGlow mask, which I use a lot."