Danielle Herrington Strikes A Sexy Pose On Driftwood In A Bikini At The Beach

Danielle wears a blue dress.
Ben Gabbe / Stringer / Getty Images

Sports Illustrated model Danielle Herrington is getting busy on her photoshoot for 2019’s Swimsuit Edition. So far, several sneak peek videos and photos have been released on Instagram, with the latest update showing the model posing on a piece of driftwood while wearing a small bikini. The top is tan with white, criss-cross patterns. So at first, it almost looks like Danielle is wearing just strings for a top, but it’s actually a low-cut sports-bra cut bikini top. Her bottoms are harder to see, save for a couple of strings that are visible on her side. Herrington climbed on top of a piece of driftwood for the shot, as she wore her hair down in tight curls.

Fans exclaimed, “Goddess,” “Wow beautiful,” and “So fire. Love this girl.” The model also shared a video of herself wearing a metallic silver bikini, as she spun around in the shallow waters at the ocean to show off her bikini body.

Like any other model, Danielle had to overcome her own set of obstacles to get where she is now. She opened up to CR Fashionbook about her goals.

“I started modeling when I was 13 years old, and I already had boobs and a butt then, with a baby face. I’m pretty much the same now. Everybody knows me as a ‘swim’ girl, but I’m trying to get more into high fashion. I’m not like a ‘curve’ model, but I have curves, right? It seems the industry is finally making room for more kinds of beauty now.”

SI is known for casting a broad set of body types for their magazine, but like Danielle stated, she’s hoping to move into other areas of the modeling industry.

But with that being said, her biggest breakthrough moment was with SI.

“My first big job was the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. It all happened pretty quickly after I moved to New York. I did test shoots for a few months geared towards landing SI, then I did the casting and booked it. We shot in Fiji last November―it was only my second time outside the country―and I was so nervous. But the hardest part was not telling anyone except my mom until the issue came out in February, and when it did my phone was nonstop lit up.”

So it’s no wonder that Herrington is back for a third round with the publication, after proving how much of a fan favorite she was the first and second times around.

In addition to all of the sexy shots on her page, Danielle has also taken to Instagram Stories to share a little bit of humor in her day. One of the videos shows her at a bathroom with a large insect, with a caption, “Send help.” A second video shows a girl taking a glass bottle and taking it outside.