Bella Thorne Dons Tiny String Bikini & Heels For A Behind-The-Scenes Peek Of A Photoshoot On Instagram

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Bella Thorne’s Instagram has been on fire lately, as she works hard to promote her newly released makeup line. Her newest post shows a sneak peek at one of her photoshoots, as she stood in an all-pink room while wearing a light-pink string bikini while touching a wall-mounted rotary phone. Pretty much everything in the shot is pink, save for her silver, glittery headband. The photographer could be seen on the right-hand side as he snapped a photo of Bella from a pink, fuzzy bed. She captioned it, “Iza pink world I’m just living in it.”

Other recent posts were promoting her eye and body mousse, as well as lip stain. Thorne also shared a video of her lip stain that she ran water over to prove that it’s really waterproof. She said, “Hahahah dope dope the lip stains are staaaiinnnn;) get it?” So far, fans sound super excited about Bella’s newest line. People are saying things like, “I’m OBSESSED with your line! Pay day can’t come soon enough! The lips are my FAVE!”, “love it,” and “Those are such gorgeous shades darlin!” At the same time, people started wondering, “does the lip stain come off with any type of make-up remover?” and “So they’re lip stains or matte liquid lips??”

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Iza pink world I’m just living in it ????????

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Something that Bella hasn’t been advertising much is that her line is actually made with allergies in mind. She described to Allure how she has “terrible cystic acne” and has had to deal with “people ruining [my] face when they touch it.”

“I really wanted to make makeup products that I could use, but that I could also feel confident selling to other people whose skin is kinda like mine and who feel the same as I do. The amount of times that I step on a new set and a makeup artist tries putting new products on my face that I’ve never tried before — and I’ve tried a lot of f***ing different products — and then my face is a war zone all of a sudden.”

The Thorne by Bella online store offers eye and body mousse plus lip stains. Some of the products have provocative names, while others are called “Electric Cash” for a metallic green, or “Mrs. Robinson” for a metallic dark yellow. The products cost $18 to $20 for single packs, while people can bundle and buy packs of three for a discounted price. The company is a new venture for Bella and it appears to be going well for her so far.