WWE News: Huge Title Change Takes Place On ‘Raw’ This Week


Things escalated quickly on Raw this week, as WWE decided to have a major title change in the first hour of the show. Bobby Roode and Chad Gable went up against the Authors of Pain and Drake Maverick in a handicap match, and the babyfaces actually managed to pick up the win and take home the Tag Team Championship.

The match took place immediately after Seth Rollins talked about how much Monday Night Raw has sucked of late, and perhaps it was a move done to make the fans happy after lots of complaints by fans about both the quality of the show and the lack of good guy victories.

The match started off with Gable and Roode coming to the ring in matching robes. This was definitely a sign that WWE is taking them more seriously as a tag team unit. Further showing that they’re a team that’ll be around for a while, Gable switched his in-ring attire from a singlet to a pair of trunks—the same look Bobby Roode has always sported.

Ultimately, Drake Maverick was the one who took the pinfall. The Authors of Pain hit their double team moves on Roode and then on Gable. Maverick demanded his monsters tag him into the match for the finish, and after he was done taunting Roode, he went for the pin. Roode hit a quick counter and pinned Maverick to win the titles. Gable and Roode quickly rolled out of the ring to avoid the attack from AOP while they celebrated the huge win.

After a commercial, the new champions were interviewed in the back, and Gable continued the narrative of Raw being a very negative place. He claimed that there hasn’t been much hope on Raw lately, but they knew if they put in the work, they could win the titles. He called the win glorious, and then the show moved on.

Gable and Roode first started teaming together in September, and they’ve seen mixed success in their time together. Fans have been relatively behind the pair, at least as far as mid-card acts go.

Before winning the Raw Tag Team Championships, Gable held the SmackDown Live Tag Team Championships as part of American Alpha with his former partner Jason Jordan. The team also had the NXT Tag Team Championships before being called up to SmackDown Live.

Bobby Roode held the NXT Championship and the WWE United States Championship. Before coming to WWE, he won lots of championships in TNA and smaller independent promotions.