‘The Bachelor’ Australia: Scott Tweedie Rumored, Already People Are Wondering If It Will Be Best Prank Ever

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Rumors are circulating that Scott Tweedie, 30, will be Australia’s next Bachelor. However, for fans who know him from the children’s program The Prank Patrol, there is already hilarious memes out there about this announcement being Tweedie’s best prank to date.

For those who don’t watch Australian children’s television, Scott Tweedie was the host of the popular children’s show The Prank Patrol. Each episode centered on a child who wanted to prank someone else. Over the course of the episode, the prankster would be involved in an elaborate scheme against the prankee and the show would, invariably, end with the catchphrase, “You’ve been pranked by the Prank Patrol.”

Now, the Daily Mail has suggested that Scott, who is now a presenter on the same network that hosts The Bachelor in Australia, is set to become the next Bachelor on Australian screens.

So, has the Australian viewing audience just been pranked by the Prank Patrol?

According to the Daily Telegraph, Channel Ten has offered Tweedie the chance to become the next Bachelor.

“When they found out that Scott was single, they were straight to him with an offer to be the next Bachelor,” a source told the publication, according to the Daily Mail.

This was in response to the news of Tweedie’s recent split from his girlfriend, model Georgia Berg.

However, there has been no official confirmation from the network yet regarding Tweedie’s potential appointment.

But that hasn’t stopped a legion of Aussie fans commenting on how it would be hilarious if Scott did wind up on The Bachelor, made it all the way to the last episode, before announcing to the lucky final lady that she had “just been pranked by the Prank Patrol.”

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And, of course, there is a petition already started on Change.org that wants to see the Prank Patrol ninjas appear with Scott on The Bachelor.

“If Scott Tweedie is the bachelor in The Bachelor Australia 2019, the show will not be complete unless he is accompanied by the prank patrol ninjas of the revolutionary hit TV show Prank Patrol,” the petition reads.

While this sort of epic scale prank might be amusing to the audience, according to Ten Daily, Scott, who had been on annual leave, contacted Studio 10 to discuss the rumors circulating.

“I picked the worst day for an annual leave day,” he said.

“I’m stuck on the Gold coast about to jump on the helicopter with none other than Matty J. We’re doing a morning of hot air ballooning and checking out the superyachts… I know all fingers are pointing to it — I am single, I am looking for love… Hold on I’m about to get on a chopper.”

Yes, that’s right, even Scott Tweedie seems happy to help add to the rumor mill regarding him being the next Bachelor.

As for Channel Ten, they have released the following statement on the matter.

“Casting for The Bachelor Australia is open.”

So, for the meantime, it appears that fans will just have to wait a little longer to find out whether this rumor is true or not.