WWE News: Seth Rollins Says ‘Raw Has Sucked’


WWE decided to open Monday Night Raw with a rather interesting segment that brought a huge touch of reality into the storyline. WWE advertised a segment with Seth Rollins addressing the state of Raw under Baron Corbin’s leadership, and address the state of the show he most certainly did.

While Seth Rollins was cutting a promo in storyline about how bad Baron Corbin has been as the general manager of Raw, the things he was saying were clearly based in reality. Anyone who follows the wrestling scene closely will probably have a couple of observations: the show hasn’t been receiving great reviews from critics, and it has been putting up all-time low ratings.

The promo started out pretty normal with Rollins talking about how he was going to “burn it down” in his match against Dean Ambrose at TLC. However, he quickly noted that he wasn’t there to call out Ambrose because he had a few words for Baron Corbin.

Before he could get started, Corbin made his way to the ring so Seth Rollins could talk to him face to face. From there, the promo took a very interesting, and very real, turn.

It started with Rollins saying, “Under your leadership, Monday Night Raw has sucked. And it has sucked because of you.” Of course, in the storyline, this is Baron Corbin’s fault and it makes sense for Rollins to call this out. But he took it a little further and seemingly repeated all the sentiments fans on the internet have said.

Seth talked about underused talent like The Revival being stuck in nonsensical “Lucha House Rules” matches. Many critics have cited the fact that the babyfaces beating heels in a handicap match makes no sense.

Even that can still be called part of the story, as Baron Corbin is the one allowing The Lucha House Party to use these unfair rules. But Seth went deeper when he even criticized the urination segments, which is more or less only a dig at the behind-the-scenes writers of the show, as Corbin didn’t write those segments.


Seth Rollins wasn’t done there, though. He accused Baron Corbin of handing the title to Brock Lesnar and cited the fact that Brock hasn’t had a match on Raw since 2002. Quite a few fans have expressed frustration with having a “part-timer” holding the championship. Again, this is hard to pin on Corbin even in the storyline, and it’s ultimately Vince McMahon who decided to make Lesnar the champion.

And if that wasn’t enough, Rollins even called out the all-time low ratings and lack of fan support.

When it was all done, as if McMahon was speaking through him, Corbin said he didn’t care what the locker room or fans thought of him. This seems to sum up the way a lot of fans feel about the way WWE management views them.