Cody Rhodes Already Received, And Rejected, WWE Offer


One of the biggest stories in the world of wrestling is what Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and the rest of The Elite are going to do come January when their contracts run out. Will they re-sign with New Japan Pro Wrestling and ROH? Will they go to WWE? Will they start their own promotion?

Cody Rhodes appears to have answered one of those questions when he recently made an appearance on Something To Wrestle With Bruce Prichard. On a recent live special, they opened things up — allowing for fans to ask the former WWE Superstar questions — and as one might expect, fans wanted to know whether Cody Rhodes would return to the WWE.

According to the IWGP United States Champion, he received an offer from the company, and “passed on the WWE offer a few weeks ago.”

Now, just because Cody received a WWE offer, and rejected it, doesn’t necessarily mean that he won’t go there. WWE could come back with a better offer later on, one which he ends up accepting. This simply means that the offer they have come up with so far isn’t to Cody’s liking — and that a future offer from WWE could be better.

Of course, The Elite has said that they intend to stick together when their contracts come to a close, so Cody rejecting this offer would lead one to believe that — if the rest of the crew received similar offers — they would probably reject them, too.

In the interview with Bruce Prichard, Cody talked about the possibility of an All In 2. He talked about the idea of making it an international event, and how there’s room in the wrestling world for a show that isn’t rated PG.

“Hypothetically, would it necessarily be All In 2… or All In: International. There are two major territories outside of the U.S. in terms of wrestling: the U.K. and Australia. If you put up a ring, they [the fans] will come,” Cody said in regards to the future of the All In brand.

While most members of The Elite are under contract until January, Cody’s ROH contract is already over, leaving him free to negotiate with other companies — or to work on his own brand. He still has one more match scheduled for Ring of Honor’s Final Battle event in December. There, he’s scheduled to take on Jay Lethal for the ROH World Championship.

Cody is also scheduled to defend his IWGP United States Championship against Juice Robinson at Wrestle Kingdom 13 in January, at the Tokyo Dome.

Regardless of where Cody and the rest of The Elite end up, the speculation has certainly kept them at the forefront of the wrestling world, making them a hotter commodity.