Instagram Hottie Laci Kay Somers Wows In Snaps From Miami As She Flaunts Her Assets In Sexy Lingerie

Laci Kay SomersInstagram

Instagram star Laci Kay Somers regularly shows off both her curvy body and her confidence via her social media page and this weekend she went all-out. The former Playboy model was in Florida celebrating her birthday and she got bold in several shots she chose to share.

As the Inquisitr previously shared, Laci Kay Somers had told fans she would be in Miami with her crew to celebrate her birthday. In numerous updates to her Instagram Stories over the weekend, it seems that the social media queen had a blast in Florida.

Somers has opened up before about how she isn’t into drinking, drugs, or hard-core partying, so her millions of Instagram followers knew that they wouldn’t be seeing wild antics like that as Laci embraced her birthday. However, she had plenty of sexy content to share and she didn’t hold back one bit.

In a couple of Laci’s Instagram Stories, she showed off her curvy body in some selfies that she took in the bathroom. Somers was wearing thong bikini panties and a white lacy bra with a long-sleeved cropped sweatshirt and she showed off several angles of her stunning physique.

Laci showed her notorious derriere in one shot and turned to tease a ton of cleavage and show off her taut abs and curvy hips in another photo. Somers posted several videos from her time in Miami, including a couple of shots of wild shoes she was wearing while in Florida, and she added a busty workout shot and another lingerie clip before wrapping up her weekend.

The Instagram model has often shown her followers how dedicated she is to working out and she did squeeze in some time on the treadmill while in Florida. Laci showed a short clip of her walking on the treadmill and the angle was such that she was showing off her busty assets in a workout bra with a hint of her abs below.

Somers’ last post in her Stories showed her about to go to bed and she was bidding her fans a good night. Laci was wearing a peach-colored set of lingerie that included a lacy bra and short shorts and this was another selfie she took in the bathroom mirror.

Laci was busting out of the lacy peach bra and she was showing off her hourglass figure and belly button ring with the sultry outfit and position in which she was standing. By all accounts, it seems that Laci Kay Somers’ birthday weekend in Miami was a blast and her fans are at the ready anxious to see what the coming week brings for her.