Jason Momoa Says He Was The Biggest Drama Queen On The 'Aquaman' Set

Victoria Miller

Jason Momoa is set to make a splash as Aquaman, but the 39-year-old actor had to wade through some of his own tears in order to portray the DC Comics superhero. In an interview with the UK's the Mirror, Jason Momoa admitted that his big heart got the best of him while he was shooting the solo superhero flick.

"I'm the biggest drama queen on the set," Momoa said. "I was constantly crying."

In addition to Jason Momoa, Aquaman stars Amber Heard, William Dafoe, Patrick Wilson, Dolph Lundgren, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, and Nicole Kidman.

The beefed-up Aquaman star explained that his upbringing by his single mother played a role in how in tune he is with his emotions and that his looks can be deceiving.

"I'm not going to normally get hired to play those emotional things – and I'm capable of it. I'm just trapped in a big, dumb body."

Momoa talked to Glamour about how he is able to bring a softer edge to the masculine movie character.

"I was raised by women, by my grandmother and my mom. I think it's absolutely important to know yourself, to have a few sensitive moments, to open up instead of being this martian. I think that's very important."

In the Carhartt short film Canvas of My Life, Momoa said, "I was raised by a strong single mother. My mom's an artist in every way. She's a painter, a photographer. She's a wanderer, always searching, always seeing. I guess you could say my mom gave me her eyes."

Momoa, who married longtime love Lisa Bonet in 2017, is most definitely a mama's boy. His Instagram page is filled with pictures of his mom. Momoa even posted a snap taken on the Aquaman set with his real-life mom, Coni, and movie mom, Queen Atlanna, played by Nicole Kidman.

"Lots a fire in this woman," Jason Momoa wrote of his mom. "God bless all the single mothers. You are truly superheroes."

Jason Momoa's new movie, Aquaman, hits theaters on December 21, 2018.