Jennifer Aniston Reveals To Ellen DeGeneres That She Likes Watching TV Naked

Kevin WinterGetty

Jennifer Aniston is busy promoting her new comedic movie, Dumplin’ on Netflix, so naturally she stopped by to see her old friend Ellen. Aniston enjoyed a game of Burning Questions with the host during her recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. For the Q&A game, the A-List pair had to give truthful answers and then hit a big red button in front of them.

But it seemed like the long-time pals still had some brand new information to learn about each other. In the first round, the question posed was “What was the weirdest thing you ever did to make money?” To which the Friends star innocently replied, “I cut hair in the ninth grade and made $10 a haircut.”

But the Hollywood actress was truly taken aback when Ellen admitted that she once “sold vacuum cleaners” to earn a buck.

The questions later got a little more intimate when the Emmy-winning host asked Aniston “Besides making love, showering, or swimming, what is something you’ve enjoyed doing naked?”

The 49-year old Horrible Bosses star admitted that she was a fan of watching TV nude.

“You watch TV naked?” Ellen exclaimed.

“Is that weird?” Jennifer asked. “I mean at night, you get into bed, and you watch TV!”

In another hilarious moment, the pair were asked to disclose a lie that they had told recently.

“Ah, ah, ah… ‘You look great,’” Aniston confessed to saying to a unlucky person.

She then quickly added, “Now everyone is wondering who it is.”

Quick-witted Ellen shot back “She told me I look great.”

Jen went on to say that her first celebrity crush was 70’s teen idol Shaun Cassidy. With Ellen then dishing, “Mine is a tie between Donny Osmond and Michael Jackson.”

But Ellen, who has been married to wife Portia De Rossi for 10 years, joked, “Then I turned a corner.”

Aniston also revealed three things she must do everyday.

“Brush my teeth, take a shower and pray.”

Meanwhile Aniston can be seen in a new Netflix comedy movie, Dumplin’. The plot revolves around small-town Texas teen Willowdean Dickson (Danielle Macdonald). She plays the daughter of former beauty queen Rosie (Aniston), who was taught by her aunt to love Dolly Parton and herself, despite her plus-sized frame. After her aunt’s passing, she decides to enter the local pageant, which her image-obsessed mother now directs. The film has been received positively by critics. It has also been nominated for Best Song at next year’s Golden Globes for “Girl in the Movies,” written by Dolly Parton and Linda Perry.