Khloe Kardashian Admits Separation Struggles After Leaving Daughter, True, For The First Time

Khloe Kardashian recently faced a mothering bout many others have faced after spending so much time with their newborn – separation anxiety. While it’s usually healthy for mothers to have some time to themselves, it can be very difficult when it comes to trusting others with the care of a newborn. On the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloe Kardashian opened up about the struggle she faced leaving her daughter True for the first time, according to Hollywood Life.

It has been reported that Khloe recently had to tackle a work obligation for her Good American athleisure line. The press tour required the reality star to travel from Seattle, WA to New York. Due to the hectic schedule, she was unable to take True with her. During the episode, she opened up about the business venture. Although she admitted it’s a great opportunity, it was very difficult to be away from her baby.

“Good American is definitely one of my other babies, but it’s crazy because all I can do is think about True and wanting to be with her,” Khloe admitted. “What am I missing?! And just…everything.”

While Khloe was away, True reportedly stayed with her father, Tristan Thompson, but unfortunately, that didn’t ease Khloe’s anxiety. Her mom, Kris Jenner, admitted she was concerned about her daughter’s stress over having to spend a night away from her baby.

“I feel bad that Khloe is a little bit stressed out right now,” the Kardashian matriarch explained. “She’s figuring out motherhood. It’s hard leaving your first baby. So it’s going to take a little creativity to take her mind off of what she’s left behind at home and on her Good American launch.”

To cheer Khloe up, Kris decided to do something special for her daughter. Kris reportedly sent a special guy by the name of Pierre the Mime to her hotel room. For those who don’t know, Pierre was an inside joke between the mom and daughter because Khloe Kardashian had actually hired Pierre to annoy her mom months before Kris returned the favor. Khloe admitted the creative joke definitely lifted her spirits and helped her to take her mind off of the anxiety of being separated from her baby.

“The fact that instantly when I see Pierre I have a surge of energy…” Khloe gushed. “I really really love this stupid mime!” Khloe admitted, “I’m having the best time. This is just the medicine I needed.”

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