Georgia Fowler Shares Selfie In Bikini From Bed In The Midst Of Jetting Around The World

Mizuki Hisaka

Victoria's Secret model Georgia Fowler shared a selfie from bed in the midst of a very busy schedule, which she described in the captions. She wore lingerie for the snap, as she held the camera up with her right hand and used a black-and-white filter for the Instagram post.

"The lag is real, been to the four corners of the world this week, NZ>SYD>NY>SWE>LA & next week NY>LA>NY>AKL eek that's determination to get platinum status on all airlines by 2019."

Fowler posted a plane selfie in addition to sharing it to her stories. The photo showed her wearing very glossy lipstick and minimal makeup, along with over-the-ear headphones.

"After four days of not seeing the light, finally found a slither of sun above the clouds half way from Europe to LA.. little reminder there's always blue skies above the clouds," she noted.

"I think my resilience is the only reason I have got as far in the modeling industry as I have. I just never gave up. There are so many people along the way who will tell you that you aren't good enough, but you just have to keep trying."
"It would be amazing to get a jewelry contract or a beauty contract, like a brand that you become the face of and that's guaranteed lock-in money. You know the team and, if it's something you believe in, it can be quite special as well."