JetBlue Will Deliver Five Contest Winners, Wrapped As Christmas Presents, This Year

JetBlue is offering the unique opportunity to send yourself as a Christmas present to a loved one as part of their "Go Get Gifted" contest.

According to People, five individuals, plus one guest per winner, will fly round-trip to a destination of their choice. When the winners arrive at their destination, JetBlue employees will wrap the individual from head-to-toe in festive Christmas paper.

Once the five winners are wrapped and topped with a Christmas bow, they will be delivered to the doorstep of their loved one.

The airline plans on flying each of the contest winners to their loved ones on Christmas Eve, just in time for Christmas.

The contest winners will have several choices to make including wrapping technique, wrapping paper, and bow placements. The wrapping job will come complete with several add-ons, including a fragile sticker and some bubble wrap.

Per the contest guidelines, JetBlue has asked people to submit why they believe they would be the "fly-est present" to send this year. The airline will pick the five responses they like the best and they will get a free trip and wrap job to the loved one of their choice.

JetBlue published a promotional video on YouTube in order to help promote the "Go Get Gifted" contest.

The promotional video features what is obviously a person wrapped up in Christmas paper sitting at a dinner table while the matriarchal figure of the household instructs everyone at the table to ignore him. She insists the family will not violate their rule of not opening presents before Christmas morning

According to People, the airline first announced the contest a little more than a week ago, on November 28. Since that time, they have had over 60,000 people sign up with the hopes of winning a chance to give themselves as a gift to a loved one. Per contest guidelines, anyone wishing to enter the contest has until December 12 to get their entries in.

JetBlue plans on selecting and contacting the winners on December 15.

Notably, JetBlue has a history of running fairly creative giveaway-style promotions.

For example, the airline recently announced "JetBlue for Good Month" which was a promotion focused around encouraging people to do more volunteer work. As part of the promotion, the airline flew 50 people – for free – to a mysterious destination. The people had no idea where they were going other than they would be doing volunteer work when they got there.

On November 27, JetBlue flew a group of 50 people – for free – to the Dominican Republic to participate in volunteer work for three days and nights.