Archaeologists Have Unearthed A Bronze Age Leather Bag In Slovakia That Holds 3,000-Year-Old Jewelry


In the quaint village of Hozelec in Slovakia, archaeologists have made an extraordinary discovery after unearthing a Bronze Age leather bag which was found to hold precious jewelry that dates back 3,000 years. Additionally, in a ground bank in Dubina, they also found numerous other ancient artifacts.

According to the Slovak Spectator, Matúš Hudák, an archaeologist with the Spiš Museum in Spišská Nová Ves, explained that Celtic clips were also found here, along with a host of other relics from different periods in time.

“We found, for example, a spur, a needle and horseshoes from the late eras as well as coins, so-called solidus from modern history and various jewels, knives and other objects that someone probably lost.”

The Bronze Age jewelry that was found was still in remarkable condition and consisted of objects like funnel-shaped hangars and spirals that were most likely deposited inside the leather bag and then placed into the ground for safekeeping, with three objects sewn onto the top of the leather bag that were shaped like discs.

Archaeologist Mária Hudákova noted that part of the leather that would have held the Slovakian jewelry was still meshed in with the jewelry itself.

“The remains of leather straps were also preserved inside of spirals and hangers. We saw at the beginning that close to the jewelry there was a darker soil that indicated the possible decomposition of organic material.”

Once archaeologists retrieved the 3,000-year-old jewelry, they took it back the Technical Museum in Brno where they spent 80 hours cleaning it, after which it was examined carefully so that it could be preserved afterward. Most of the ancient artifacts were made of bronze and contained many unique attributes.

For instance, the funnel-shaped hangers were fashioned using white metal, but bronze almost always imbues a bright golden sheen, which means that the white coloring is either the natural result of uncertain chemicals in the jewelry or it could have been purposely created with this color through technological advances available at the time. As Martin Hložek from Technical Museum Brno suggested, “It is the proof of advanced metallurgic technologies that people did not often use and it is unique.”

To showcase the stunning remains of the leather bag with the Bronze Age jewelry in Slovakia, these artifacts will soon be finding a home at in Provinčný Dom in Spišská Nová Ves, but before this happens they will be featured in the History of Spiš exhibition.